Dr. Rajen Kilachand has supported rural development initiatives around the world, while focusing on the key term of "sustainable development" - an idea that runs through the length of his donations to villages, women's empowerment organizations, community aid and humanitarian missions.


Village Development in East Africa

Dr. Kilachand's interest in rural development is not restricted to India alone. He uses Dodsal's expertise in infrastructure and engineering, to support communities in East Africa with amenities such as the supply and installation of water pumps, providing necessary clean drinking water to numerous villages in the region. Rural development, thus, is a key area of his focus; he intends to support the government and the community by keeping alive his family's legacy of donating generously to initiatives that promote sustainable community development.

Women's Rights Initiatives

A doting father to his daughter Nayantara Kilachand who runs her own online news portal, Dr. Kilachand has always championed equal rights for women entrepreneurs and appreciated their drive to overcome prejudice in the workforce. He has donated generously to the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, supporting women's struggles for equal rights worldwide. By showing his support for the important work of the Foundation, he has set an example for male entrepreneurs within the larger business community to include more women within the workforce and afford them opportunities equal to those that men in their organisations enjoy.

Dubai Police

Dr. Rajen Kilachand stresses strongly that the law and order keepers of the community need to be honoured and praised for their selfless work and hence the Dubai Police has regularly been the recipient of his sponsorship efforts. He believes that a country's reputation is enhanced by its safety and security and reiterates that both, the police and military need to be respected and appreciated. He has even sponsored several events that focus on empowering and honouring the Dubai Police force, including the UAE Police Sports Association; Khalifa & Modern Police; the Police magazine in Abu Dhabi; UAE Police and Achievements; and Police and the Union in Abu Dhabi.

Community Initiatives in Gujarat

While he lives the life of a global citizen, Dr. Kilachand reiterates the importance of recognizing and respecting one's cultural roots. His father, Arvind Kilachand, promised a residential building for pilgrims at Somnath Temple in Gujarat, India in 1978. Dr. Rajen Kilachand fulfilled his father's promise and gifted a spacious building as a rest-house for pilgrims and travellers. Continuing the trend of donating generously to his brethren, Dr. Kilachand acknowledges the Gujarati community in the UAE with generous endowments to the Gujarati Samaj and through independent and private donations that help the less fortunate and the needy.

“Being dealt a favourable hand in life, it is only befitting to channel my resources into providing a better standard of living for those I can afford to reach out to. Basic sanitation and health care should be available to all; thus, my ardent efforts towards enhancing our community's development and supporting our government's efforts in the best way I can.”

Dr. Rajen A. Kilachand

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