International Relations have played a big role in the Dodsal Group's success and Dr. Rajen Kilachand's directives to Dodsal offices across the world have been to support local forums and government events, and participate in community and country CSR initiatives that promote economic growth and strengthen both bilateral and business relationships. He is proud to have developed mutually beneficial and progressive relationships with the governments of the countries where he has established a business presence.


Dubai Police

Dr. Rajen Kilachand is a firm supporter of the Law and Order forces of the UAE and has been the official sponsor for a number of key events organised at the Police Academy. His presentation on the lead subject of the 2009 seminar titled Sports versus Crime is a subject close to his heart, as he believes that sport is a great way to redirect the energy of the youth of a nation towards discipline and team-spirit, which are personality builders. Dr. Kilachand sponsored the Sports versus Crime seminar in 2011. He was also the Gold Sponsor at the 2010 Forum titled Will for Change.
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India & the UAE: In Celebration of a Legendary Friendship

In 2010, Dr. Rajen Kilachand was an official supporter of India & the UAE: In Celebration of a Legendary Friendship, an exclusive coffee table book packed with facts, figures and stories of the ancient, yet modern and dynamic ties that India and the UAE share. The book spotlights prominent Indo-Arab business equations, successful relationships, ventures, attitudes and approaches that have worked and created history, while describing the possible business cross investment opportunities between the two nations, providing a fascinating and comprehensive glimpse of this strong and well-preserved association.

Horse Warriors

Sharing the UAE's passion for horses and his own for his beloved country, Dr. Kilachand was an official presenter of the Horse Warriors Book in 2008, commissioning over 5,000 beautiful, high quality photo journals on the 61st Cavalry regiment of India, which is the last mounted horse regiment in the country. The book has been widely appreciated by horse lovers across the world.

India-GCC Summits

A believer in promoting India's rich human resource and skill talent across the world and the GCC in particular, Dr. Kilachand made mandatory his own personal, as well as the participation of senior Dodsal management in key Arab-centric forums and initiatives. The Dodsal Group was an exclusive partner in the India-Arab World Business Summits and in 2006 he presented the first Arab Strategy Forum. The ASF is the leading Arab platform for political, business and intellectual leaders, and is today the centre of Arab strategic thinking and the main launch pad for regional programs and initiatives.

“Aiming for the best, exploring new vistas and being unafraid of facing new challenges should be the goals of every entrepreneur striving to make a difference. With respect to the Middle East and the opportunities it has offered me, it seems fit to offer their people a platform with guidance, aiding them to make the difference they desire.”

Dr. Rajen A. Kilachand

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