An immensely proud Indian, Rajen Kilachand has directed his resources toward the support of several medical facilities in India and around the world. While healthcare amenities in developing nations depend on government support, there are also those medical and therapeutic facilities that run solely on the money generated by donations from the people of the community who believe that national responsibility does not rest only with government, but is the sacred responsibility of every person who is able.


Sevalia Hospital

Dodsal Group have taken an initiative to revamp and reestablish a primary health center which is located at a remote location known as ‘Sevalia’ located approx. 65 KM away from Karamsad in Gujarat, India. This primary health center is recently adopted by Charutar Arogya Mandal (CAM).

With an intent to develop in Gujarat state a model ‘Primary Health Center’ which shall be similar to those available in many of the European countries, Dodsal have taken recently an initiative to modernize Sevalia primary health center as a ‘model’ health care center. This center shall be equipped and designed as per International norms.

In order to maximize utilization of existing center facilities and minimize capital outlay, Dodsal group engineers undertook a detailed study along with CAM medical specialists and finalized on requirements leading to revamp and additions of facilities. The total budgetary outlay for said up-gradation shall be approx. 3 Crores. The primary health center once completed shall be equipped with Female and Male wards, special private rooms, emergency and Trauma, ICU, Labor room , NICU, Operation Theatre and other specialized OPD and Laboratory units including Ultrasound, ECG, X-ray etc. Internet connectivity with main hospital shall be available to the technical and resident team 24 x 7 hours with Video facility for specialized consultation with senior team of doctors. CAM runs ‘The Shree Krishna Hospital’ which is one of a tertiary level Medical facility with multi specialty located at Karamsad, Anand, Gujarat (India) .

Pathfinder International

Since 2008, Rajen Kilachand, who serves on the Board of Directors for Pathfinder International, has donated generously to the organisation for family planning and AIDS awareness education programs in India, East Africa and the Pacific Rim. Pathfinder International's mission is to ensure that people everywhere have the opportunity to live a healthy, reproductive life. With family planning centres that spread the message of nuclear families, developing economies can divert their resources to soft infrastructure - education and healthcare facilities. Mr Kilachand's generous donation goes towards raising more awareness and affording better treatment in India, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea and several other countries.

Bhatia General Hospital, Mumbai

An example of Mr Kilachand's drive for universal healthcare for all Indians is his donation of an Outpatient Clinic to the Bhatia General Hospital in Mumbai, India. The Outpatient Clinic was donated on the condition of providing free medical services for those who cannot afford medical care, and Rajen Kilachand and his wife Nina Kilachand are a part of the Board of Trustees who oversee the running of the hospital and the clinic.

Public Health Initiatives

Rajen Kilachand has donated generously to numerous causes, from destitute women and orphans, to the underprivileged and the ill, including events that support organizations like the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre in Dubai and the Children's Hope Foundation's UAE chapter. Mr Kilachand has proven time and again that he is a man who does not identify himself with a singular cause and believes in offering support and help to those who need it most, regardless of cause and circumstance, illness, projects or disability.

“World-class healthcare is a stepping stone towards any government's drive for growth - medical aid should be at the front and centre of any country's agenda. It is humbling for me to be able to make such contributions towards our people.”

Rajen A. Kilachand

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